Jammer vir die Engels.  Ek het dit vir ‘n kollega vertaal.  Kyk gerus ook na die Brain Gym oefeninge op YouTube, EyeGym en lees oor die impak van die “lui 8“-simbool.


NB:Keep the head still.Writing movements should be done from the shoulder (arm relatively straight).

Integrated or coordinated eye movements

One eye or both.Arm movements (rotations) should be done “from the shoulder”.Head is kept still and upright.

1.Stand in front of writing board* and keep the eye focused on the tip of the chalk whilst making 5 crosses with the right and left hand.

2.Repeat the above-mentioned exercise – drawing shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles and “lazy eights” ().

Left or right eye separately

Cover one eye with a pirate eye patch or with an old envelope.

  1. Cover the left eye whilst drawing 5 big circles with the right hand on the board.Keep the eye focused on the tip of the chalk.Repeat with the right eye.
  2. Repeat the exercise – drawing different shapes.
  3. Draw two lines parallel to each other – to use as writing guides.Cover the left eye – drawing waves (rounded zigzag pattern) between the lines and touching the lines at the top and bottom.Repeat with the right eye.Try other patterns as well.

Crossing the middle

  1. Cover the right eye.Draw 5 big circles with the right hand on the left side (approximately opposite the left shoulder).The head should be facing the board and the eye should be kept on the tip of the chalk.
  2. Do the same exercise as above.Cross the one leg in front of the other.E.g. if the right hand is writing, the right foot is doing the crossing.The body should be kept upright.

-JAP Nel, 1999 [Visuele geskiktheid en doeltreffendheid, Tygerberg Kollege]

* gebruik ‘n stuk plastiek wat teen die muur opgeplak word en skryf met ‘n skoon (nat) kwas of met ‘n witbord koki

* use a plastic square to write on – using a clean (wet) paint brush or a whiteboard koki

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